Women May Be More Susceptible to Alzheimer’s than Men

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Women More Likely to Develop Alzheimer's Than Men in Edmonton, AB

All isn’t equal between the sexes when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease. Long-term studies have shown there’s a higher incidence of Alzheimer’s among women. The fact is that the majority of people with Alzheimer’s are female, and no one knows for sure why. Scientists are trying to unlock the mystery of why women are more susceptible to Alzheimer’s than their male counterparts.

Science of Alzheimer’s

Scientists around the world are working hard to find the answers to the Alzheimer’s dilemma. They do know that cognitive abilities in women who are showing signs of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which involves memory and thinking skills, decrease twice as quickly as those in men with MCI. Most people with MCI continue to live independently for many years, but there’s a risk of developing Alzheimer’s as cognitive abilities continue to deteriorate.

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Amyloid Plaques

Amyloid plaques in the brain have long been associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Amyloid plaques are formed when clumps of protein fragments called beta amyloids, which are toxic to brain neurons, build up and accumulate outside nerve cells within the brain. A recent study found that women have more beta amyloids in their brains than men of the same age with similar cognitive levels.

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Biological Differences

There are significant biological differences in the structures of men’s and women’s brains and bodies, which may be an indicator of why women are at greater risk for developing Alzheimer’s. Women also go through many different types of hormonal changes as they age. Biological differences are currently being studied as a reason for the wide gender gap when it comes to Alzheimer’s. Women are losing the battle to Alzheimer’s at a faster rate than men, and while progress is being made, much is left to be done in the race to find a cure.

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