5 Tips for Juggling Caregiving & Working

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Ways to Juggle Working & Caregiving in Edmonton, AB

Family caregivers are often in the prime of their careers, and they may need to continue to work to meet their personal goals and cover expenses. The decision to juggle caregiving and work is one you make with your senior loved one’s wellbeing in mind, but you also need to consider your ability to manage it all. These five tips can help working caregivers who need to meet multiple obligations at the same time. 

1. Check Your Work Benefits

Many employers today understand that employees may be caring for older adults at home. Family leave policies may include options for taking extended time off when a loved one has a major health problem. Your job may also offer vacation time you can use to cover days you need to take off from work for healthcare appointments and other caregiving responsibilities. 

If you’re the primary family caregiver for an elderly loved one and need additional assistance providing high-quality in-home care, Home Care Assistance can help. We are a leading home care agency committed to changing the way seniors age.

2. Explore Options with Your Supervisor

In addition to formal leave policies, your supervisor might be willing to work with you through rough patches when time is short. If your position allows it, you might be able to arrange to work from home on certain days of the week. Another option to explore is flex time, such as working later on certain days to cover time you need to take off from work. 

3. Keep a Detailed Calendar

Between your loved one’s medical appointments and your own work meetings and social events, you may find it difficult to keep up with what you need to do from one day to the next. Use a smartphone app to create a calendar that organizes all your events into a simple schedule you can check and update regularly. You can also share this calendar electronically with other people who need to know when they may need to step in to help you out. 

4. Hire an In-Home Respite Caregiver

An in-home respite caregiver is someone who comes to your loved one’s home to assist with his or her needs. Having a professional caregiver assist with your loved one’s care frees up time you can use to focus on work. For example, you can feel secure about your loved one’s safety while you attend a critical meeting or work overtime hours when someone responsible is in the home. 

Whether you need respite from your caregiving duties or your aging loved one needs live-in care, Edmonton, AB, Home Care Assistance can meet your family’s care needs. Our dedicated caregivers are available around the clock to provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, ensure seniors take their prescribed medications, and help with a variety of tasks in and outside the home.

5. Schedule Regular Time Off for Rest

Juggling multiple roles is a balancing act that can leave you feeling exhausted. Not only must you manage the stress of holding a job, but you might also be worried about your loved one’s health. You must take time out occasionally for rest and relaxation, or you run the risk of burning out. Respite caregivers can also step in when you need a break. Grab your calendar and add a few breaks to your schedule each week. You’ll be glad you took time to work out or enjoy a quiet meal out with a friend when you feel rested and ready to go back to your duties. 

Seniors can face a variety of age-related challenges. Though some families choose to take on the caregiving duties, there may come a time when they need a trusted Edmonton senior home care provider. Families sometimes need respite from their duties so they can focus on their other responsibilities, and some seniors need around-the-clock assistance that their families are not able to provide. Home Care Assistance is here to help. To learn more about our highly trained caregivers, call us at (780) 490-7337.


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