5 Ways to Help an Aging Parent Who Has Limited Mobility

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Tips to Help an Elderly Parent Who Has Limited Mobility in Edmonton, AB

Even seemingly minor mobility problems can make everyday activities difficult, which could have a huge impact on a senior’s physical and mental health. In addition to addressing the root causes of those mobility issues, you might also want to think about some steps you can take to boost your aging loved one’s quality of life and prevent accidents and injuries.

1. Work with a Physical Therapist

As soon as you notice your loved one having difficulties with mobility, contact a physical therapist or occupational therapist. One of those medical professionals can assess your loved one’s situation and help you come up with a long-term treatment plan that increases his or her strength and mobility. If your loved one can’t make it to a therapist’s office, you can schedule weekly in-home visits with one of those professionals.

2. Find the Proper Mobility Device

Doing physical therapy should have a huge impact on your loved one’s mobility, but it’s probably going to take a little bit of time before you see any results, which is why you need to figure out which type of mobility device your loved one should get. Every senior with mobility issues has slightly different needs, and there isn’t a single device that works for everyone. Some seniors will benefit from simple canes or walkers, while others are going to need wheelchairs or motorized scooters.

3. Encourage Daily Exercise

Mobility problems can make it difficult to exercise, but it’s important that your loved one is active for at least a few minutes every day. Even if your parent isn’t able to get up and move around, he or she can still strengthen his or her core and arms with very light weights, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises. Exercising can also help your loved one stay at a healthy weight, which could have a huge impact on his or her mobility and balance.

A professional caregiver can help your loved one exercise at home in safety and comfort. Many seniors prefer aging in place over moving to an assisted living facility. If your senior loved one needs assistance to remain safe and comfortable while living at home, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a leading home care agency. Our dedicated in-home caregivers can assist with meal prep, bathing and grooming, exercise, medication reminders, and many other important tasks.

4. Install Safety Equipment

To keep your loved one as independent as possible, consider installing a few pieces of safety equipment in his or her home. Relatively inexpensive additions such as grab bars and step ramps can make life easier and drastically reduce the risk of an accident. You can also place the items your loved one regularly uses in drawers and cabinets he or she can easily access without bending over or standing on a stool.

If you’re the primary family caregiver for a senior loved one living in Edmonton, live-in care is available if your loved one’s health has become too difficult to manage without professional expertise. At Home Care Assistance, we take measures to help seniors prevent illness and injury by assisting with exercise and mobility, preparing nutritious meals, helping with bathing and other personal hygiene tasks, and much more.

5. Keep the Home Free of Clutter

A little bit of clutter can be extremely dangerous for those who have difficulty getting around. A single power cord or bunched-up rug could result in a major accident that causes serious injuries. At least once or twice a day, go through your parent’s home and make sure there aren’t any potential tripping hazards. 

A trained caregiver with experience in caring for seniors with mobility limitations can be a fantastic resource for family members. Although it may be challenging to find reliable, highly rated home care service, Edmonton, AB, families can turn to Home Care Assistance. Our respite and live-in caregivers are expertly trained to assist seniors with a wide array of important tasks, including cooking, bathing, light housekeeping, and exercise. For more information about our flexible, customizable home care plans, call one of our compassionate Care Managers today at (780) 490-7337.


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